April 25, 2017



Is there a standard prescription that can fit everyone?
In order to get results, companies need to select right methodologies as well as combine, adapt and manage them in the right way.

Lean Six Sigma

Most powerful processimprovement methodology ever, changes the way to do business well beyond improving through projects.
Still not a complete recipe, but a foundation that has to be customized for you.


On the hand, you would like to make serious improvements, on the other hand you believethat the project or training duration should be much shorter.
Results has a solution for this, as we have implemented in BP and many internation locations of DHL

Other Solutions

Managers claim that they will change things. This means wen strategies, better products and services, more and more projects

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On one hand, you would like to make serious improvements, on the other hand you believe that the project or training duration should be much shorter.  Results has a solution for this;  as we have implemented in BP and in many international locations of DHL.

  • Are your projects taking longer and longer everyday and do you feel like you need to be faster?
  • Do you have trouble with collecting data and do you need to rely heavily on your employees’ experiences. But at the same time do you want to find a method that is unbiased, focused on root causes and is free of short-term solutions?
  • Don’t you want an extensive and long term methodology deployment?
  • Or before initiating extensive Lean Six Sigma deployment, would you like to foresee and experience what you will gain with it? May be you need a swift supporter to solve some of your problems parallel to your extensive deployment programme.


“Then let us introduce Workout to you…”

“In this special period of time that requires being fast and proactive, Workout has special importance. If what you need is a more dynamic improvement methodology that motivates your employees too and enables the projects take less time, Workout will be the right choice.

Results Corporate Productivity Solutions is the first and the only consulting company that has implemented Workout in Turkey since 2006. Results has implemented Workout many times in international giants such as DHL Express, BP, Danzas and DHL Global Forwarding and in many countries, and succeeded over expectations in each and every one of them without any exceptions.”


Fundamentals of Workout are the gathering of ideas of employees in a structured and systematic manner, the analysis of these ideas and the selection of the improvement proposals.

When people close to the actual work are supported and facilitated with the right techniques, they can easily find problems and their root causes, how to cope with them and generate the best solutions to these problems.
If you can gather the right people who can talk about the right issues in the right systematic manner in a room, the real problems will emerge and the real solutions will become apparent. Open, honest and direct communication between the employees and the management team is encouraged.


The management is enabled to get the habit of fast and effective decision making.
People work in the best and most creative way on the problems that affect them directly and that they are willing to solve.
Resting the implementations and the developments on the hands of the people that proposed them and supporting them right increases their commitment.
  • Different variations are possible according to the different needs and situations. As with the rest of our products, customizations are in place according to changing needs and conditions.
  • It is organized as a workshop with 8 to 20 participants lasting 2 to 5 days and the studies following the workshop. Although, it could easily be integrated by Lean Six Sigma, it is also possible to execute independently.
  • After a 3 days of workshop period, the proposals that are agreed upon are implemented in 30 days most of the time. It has an innovative style during the agreement phase too.
  • Workout was created by The General Electric Company (GE) in 1988 as part of the ongoing drive for better productivity and efficiency.