April 25, 2017



Is there a standard prescription that can fit everyone?
In order to get results, companies need to select right methodologies as well as combine, adapt and manage them in the right way.

Lean Six Sigma

Most powerful processimprovement methodology ever, changes the way to do business well beyond improving through projects.
Still not a complete recipe, but a foundation that has to be customized for you.


On the hand, you would like to make serious improvements, on the other hand you believethat the project or training duration should be much shorter.
Results has a solution for this, as we have implemented in BP and many internation locations of DHL

Other Solutions

Managers claim that they will change things. This means wen strategies, better products and services, more and more projects

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Solutions for you.
We believe many companies enunciate this. We do, too. Easy to say but harder to realize. Why?

  • If you are determined to get excellent solutions, you cannot use standard packages, even a standard training material. For every different requirement you need to gather different methodologies in a customized manner and you have to update your training materials with relevant case studies.
  • You cannot prepare an open training course and give the same program to participants from different companies, industries and to different people from manufacturing and service companies.
  • You should be frank to your customer. It is easier to say “as you wish” to a customer asking for a 20 days of six sigma black belt training, instead of saying “this will be unnecessarily costly and time consuming, you better start with a 10 days of training”.

Since the day Results was established, we have always been strong minded on understanding the needs of our customers, making the least costly and most effective planning regarding their needs, and being honest by pointing out all the risks involved and by not making empty promises for requests that we believe have a high probability to go wrong. That’s why;

  • Results has never organized an open training program.
  • Results has always customized its training materials from scratch and created new study cases regarding each customer and the related industry. We have never offered service industry a standard training program which is full of cases from various production processes.
  • That is why, no product and no training document of Results is similar to another.
  • As Results, we have always been firm on exercising the above principles and we can easily prove it through our work and the testimonials of our clients.

BestFit , which is the most basic product of Results, is the right improvement and design methodology for each situation and company. Although the contents may vary, the purpose is the same; to offer custom solutions that will enable you to get the required results.

As getting the most appropriate solutions and results for you is so important to us, we named our company as “Results®” and this special product of ours as “BestFit®”.


“No methodology used by hundreds of companies, can be completely useless”

“To be successful it is essential to select the right methodologies, customize them to be right for you, simplify, accelerate and support them with the right management tools when required.
However, it may not be good for you as the way it is for others. That is why, while some companies are very positive towards a methodology, others may not agree. 

By teaching  techniques that will never be needed and using inadequate amount of data analysis, you will lead to nothing but to the critiques of “this methodology is not appropriate for us”.

Or, even if, it is obvious from the start that spending time for projects will be a problem for the employees, planning a deployment that requires a lot of time and effort dedication, without taking any precautions, will eventually lead to blaming the methodologies or end up with never ending projects.”


If the right projects cannot be created, if the right prioritization cannot be made and if the whole portfolio lacks enough tracking and resource planning through adequate Project Portfolio Management, it is probable to experience serious inefficiency. The main target should be selecting the right projects and managing them right. At this stage, type of the projects selected should be defined accurately. When to use Lean techniques, when to use Six Sigma, which should be a project, which should be a workshop or when to make an implementation project without any of these, which flow and documents will be used in which project, should be clearly defined and tracked.

Projects are getting delayed, scope is not controlled, team members hardly find the time for the projects, projects do not get enough support in the company, end products do not meet the expectations… These are all typical problems and the underlying reason is the improper implementation of the methodologies.

BestFit, is the proper combination of many methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Workout, Risk Management, Change Management, Statistical Tools, Enterprise Project Management, Vision Management, Project Rewarding and Project Performance Assessment, DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), and is designed according to your needs only.

Results Team has the determination, competence and experience to deliver this. Results proved itself with all the companies given support in Turkey and abroad.

BestFit, could sometimes be a Lean Six Sigma deployment programme customized just for you, from the roadmap to the training documents and templates, and could be supported by other management tools, such as Change Management, Enterprise Project Management (EPM), Rewarding and Project Performance Management, to guarantee success.

And sometimes, it could be a fast and practical series of studies, limited to improving processes, formed by the combination of Lean Six Sigma and GE-Workout methodologies.

For some other firms, it could start by forming the project and portfolio management, and later on, could turn into a different study by adding new tools.

It is always possible for us to manage Process Analysis and Improvement Projects for you, if you do have time and resource constraints. In such a study, swift improvement of the processes is aimed without engaging in long term training and deployment throughout the company.

It is possible to multiply the examples. All of the above, will always be customized in the most proper way for your company.

These could be defined through pre-interviews and/or through more comprehensive Change Readiness Assessment studies, which will be presented with measurable results.

® Results ve BestFit, are registered trademarks of Results Corporate Productivity Solutions.