Kale Kilit

An extensive Corporate Restructuring Program for Kale, one of the largest security lock manufacturers in the world.

With an annual production capacity of more than 20 million locks Kale Kilit is one of the most integrated and largest security lock manufacturers in the world.

For the last 2 years, Results has teamed with Kale Kilit to build up a solid roadmap to achieve Kale Kilit’s global vision, which is to become one of the top brands in the construction hardware sector. Starting with a diagnosis of current performance of the transactional processes, Kale Kilit and Results together have developed a comprehensive Corporate Restructuring Program (CR). From the perspective of the CR Program, Kale Kilit has already gained some achievements through a couple of process design and improvement projects.

In scope are:

  • Analysis of transactional processes by the application of Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Development of a Strategic Plan which aligned with the global corporate vision
  • Improvement and implementation of essential Human Resources Management processes
  • Creation and implementation of Marketing processes
  • Redesign of Purchasing process into Strategic Sourcing
  • Analysis of production processes from lean perspective.

Some of the results achieved up to now are:

  • Kale Kilit’s global vision has been translated into tangible goals through a Strategic Management Process followed by a high level Performance Management Model.
  • Two way communications to all internal stakeholders have taken on a new dimension of value and impact.
  • In terms of capacity utilization, production found some greenfields by the implementation of Strategic Sourcing.
  • Marketing Research process partners are in place to keep all business units up to date with consistent, and timely information both for local and global markets.